AI Perception Conference

April 27-29 2024, Queen's University

Join us in person or virtually for an engaging series of talks, panels, and discussions featuring experts in Computer Science, Neuroscience, and Philosophy. Together, we will explore the issues surrounding AI Perception.

Event Program

Explore the full lineup and schedule of sessions, and learn more details about the talks all in one place: in our event guide!

What is PRAID?

The Perception Research and Artificial Intelligence Development (PRAID) Conference aims to spearhead a collaborative effort to unravel the complexities of AI perception and align it more closely with human understanding.


We’re excited to share our interdisciplinary and diverse line-up of speakers from universities across Canada and around the world. Some you may recognize locally from Queen’s. Others you’ll be discovering for the first time here.

Balancing Innovation and Responsibility

Embark on a captivating journey into the realm of AI perception. As our speakers dissect the ethical, social, and philosophical dimensions of AI systems, we'll uncover how AI perception intersects with disciplines far beyond technology, influencing everything from healthcare practices to legal frameworks, and shaping the very fabric of society. Together, we will explore the need for caution in navigating its future.

Held at Queen's University

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Event funded by:
  • SSHRC Connection Grant
  • Department of Philosophy
  • Department of Psychology
  • School of Computing
  • Smith School of Business
  • Faculty of Arts & Sciences
This is a co-hosted event by Philosophy and Psychology.
Organization Team: Dr. Nancy Salay, Dr. Monica Castelhano, and Hannah Lum Smith
Marketing: Juliana Eberschlag
Website: Jasmine Mishra